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Cryptocurrency Blogs

14 Top Cryptocurrency Blogs and Resources

The blockchain and crypto industry is booming. There are dozens of things to follow – which coins are up or down, who’s buying crypto, what enterprise is moving its digital operations over to the blockchain, what’s the crypto market doing in connection to fiat currencies, what do all these things really mean? There are plenty of cryptocurrency blogs and lots of resources to learn from. To get you started in the right place, here are the top 14 places to go, ranked by level of prior knowledge necessary. The lowest the number out of 10, the less prior knowledge required for these cryptocurrency blogs and websites.

Coindeskhttps://www.coindesk.com/ – possibly the best source for market news and analysis. You won’t find everything here, but you’ll surely find something. Level of prior knowledge required: 8/10

Cryptocurrency Newshttps://cryptocurrencynews.com/ – just what it says. Not the place for very insightful pieces and analysis, but crisp and clear on what makes the news in the crypto world. Level of prior knowledge required: 9/10

CoinSutrahttps://coinsutra.com/blog/ – among cryptocurrency blogs, this stands out for detail. It’s good for coin information and analysis, not great for noobs. Level of prior knowledge required: 9/10

CryptoCoins Newshttps://www.ccn.com/ – One of the most up-to-date cryptocurrency blogs, great for news. Good go-to if you’re already up to speed on the topic. Level of prior knowledge required: 9/10

BlockGeekshttps://blockgeeks.com/ – if you’re looking for cryptocurrency blogs, this is a very comprehensive educational resource even in the free version. Blockchain, crypto, languages and more. Level of prior knowledge required: 5/10

NewsBTChttps://www.newsbtc.com/ – no, not just good for Bitcoin traders. It pretty much covers the market. Good for analysis, too. Level of prior knowledge required: 7/10

Bitcoinhttp://news.bitcoin.com – other than promoting their own products, they are a news resource, too. Not good for newbies, though; experienced crypto-fans will move through the busy homepage to find the relevant stuff. Level of prior knowledge required: 10/10

Bitcoin Magazinehttps://bitcoinmagazine.com/ – with the hard-to-beat distinction of having been created by Vitalik Buterin, it has remained bitcoin-centric, one of the best cryptocurrency blogs for both news and education. Level of prior knowledge required: 8/10

Ethereumhttps://www.ethereum.org/ – speaking of Buterin, this is his baby. While the website is not exactly nimble, it’s a good place to go if you already have a plan and want to get it going. Level of prior knowledge required: 10/10

99 Bitcoinshttps://99bitcoins.com/ – a great resource, especially for newbies. Light on news and analysis, heavy on education. Level of prior knowledge required: 5/10

Cointelegraphhttps://cointelegraph.com/ – a mixture of news and analysis. Like a news website, only crypto-centric. Some educational resources included. Level of prior knowledge required: 8/10

Bitcoinisthttps://bitcoinist.com/ – one of the better cryptocurrency blogs and resources for those already familiar with the market. Not much in it education-wise, though. Level of prior knowledge required: 9/10

Brave New Coinhttps://bravenewcoin.com/ – clean-looking resource, mostly for analysis rather than news or education. A good read after you’ve gone through the crypto news. Level of prior knowledge required: 8/10

and finally…

Bitcoinhttps://bitcoin.org/ – more out of respect for its history and association with Nakamoto. While an excellent resource if you want to enter the Bitcoin universe, there isn’t much in the way of news, analysis or education. Level of prior knowledge required: 10/10

Bear in mind that all cryptocurrencies run their own websites and blogs. They are useful to a certain extent, but as always when even the tiniest interests are at stake, it is best to rely on independent resources. Stick to some of those listed above – in fact, choose several and monitor them regularly – and you’ll hit the ground running.

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