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Looking for a Cryptocurrency App?

When you’re getting into crypto, for a while everything might seem strange. People are talking a different language, using different tools, moving in different circles. It’s like code: you know the words, but they just don’t mean the same things. That’s where a cryptocurrency app might become your best friend.

Cryptocurrency apps are part of any crypto-investor’s toolkit. We live in a mobile-first world, where more than half of all worldwide website traffic comes from your portable devices, so mobile websites and apps are your best friends. And, fortunately, crypto has its wins in the app arena. Here is the best free cryptocurrency app for every kind of need you might have.


One of the best, maybe the best cryptocurrency tracker out there, Blockfolio tracks crypto prices across Cryptocurrency exchanges, keeps your portfolio nice and fresh, and sends you notifications when a coin you’re interested in reaches a certain price. It’s easy to set up – though if you own a lot of coins, manual input will take a while. You can choose between “buy”, “sell” and “watch only” options, choose your trading pair, choose your exchange and more. Available on Google Play and in the App Store.


You may not be a Twitter convert, but if you’re getting into crypto, you just need to get on the one platform where all the crypto heavies are pouring out their good and bad vibes. It’s a vibrant community, with lots of shoulder-tapping and fist-shaking. Unlike a regular cryptocurrency app, this one pushes lots of shilling, so don’t follow people indiscriminately into the dark. Make sure to follow CryptoHustle, CryptoYoda, Meltem Demirors, Jimmy Song and the essential coin founders.   Available on Google Play and in the App Store.


One of the best investing sites has one of the best price tracking apps, with historical data, charts, news, portfolio, live stock market data and more. You can download the general investing app or the one specialized in crypto; they’re equally good. Just know that this may or may not be a cryptocurrency app, depending on what you click on. Use this as a starting point for any trading decisions. Available on Google Play and in the App Store.


Not available everywhere, but this is one cryptocurrency app that seems to work well for beginners. For one thing, there are no fees to users, though they’re also low on contextual charts and information. Do your homework on Investing, then trade on here. Stocks, ETF, options, cryptocurrencies, there’s no charge for any operation of account management. As with many cryptocurrency platforms, customer support is imperfect, but the no-fee policy serves them well. Available in the App Store only.


A cryptocurrency app that should make any beginner comfortable with crypto. Coinbase, a crypto platform famous for both its high fees and its super-user-friendly interface, is on top of nearly every recommendation list. It’s a broker more than a regular exchange, but it pretty much does everything you might need. Unfortunately, it only supports six cryptocurrencies. Available on Google Play and in the App Store.


For your crypto news, as with any news, you should always rely on several sources rather than just one cryptocurrency app. However, if you’re going to aggregate, make sure Cointelegraph is on the list of sources. It’s a reliable information shop on crypto and blockchain industry news. Pretty much on a par with CoinDesk, that does exactly the same job, pretty much exactly as successfully as Cointelegraph. Available on Google Play and in the App Store.


Reddit is definitely not a cryptocurrency app. It might not be your go-to source for anything, but you’re missing out. It’s a giant repository of information, with a devoted, knowledgeable community – and the crypto crowd is pretty awesome. Some of the crypto and Bitcoin threads are a decent source of news, but you should read it primarily for the no-holds-barred commentary on the latest in this space. Available on Google Play and in the App Store.


Budget trackers are awesome for anyone with an organized mind in search of an organized life. And there may be no better budget tracker than Mint. Link your accounts, credit cards, bills etc. and get great insight into the financial truth about your life. It has graphs, charts, alerts, all the cuteness that a budget-tracking app can deliver – and it does crypto, too. Available on Google Play and in the App Store.

Learn Technical Analysis

You kinda have to. If you’re going to trade and play with crypto on a consistent basis, TA (Technical Analysis) is one of the basic tools of the trade. This cryptocurrency app offers one of the best learning experiences, with clear, instructive, super-useful lessons that start small for the total newbie, then progress along. It’s a very plain, but well-designed cryptocurrency app, and a one-trick pony if there ever was one. No audio, no video, no enhancement. And yet, it works. Available on Google Play only.

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