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BlackBull Markets

BlackBull Markets is a top-tier, award-winning, and financially registered forex broker with a globally trusted presence. Operating...
Promotion, An online dedicated platform dedicated to Online Trading Signals, Market Analysis, Traders Community and Trading...
Promotion's new dedicated Cryptocurrency App, available for both Android and iOS, is the app for all things cryptocurrency. The...

India Blockchain Week

IBW ’18 will kick off with the Hack-The-Block Blockchain Hackathon. The challenges will be set by our partners. We would require an...

CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise

The week of January 15, 2018, many top representatives of the world crypto community have been absent from their offices. More than...

Exodus is the first desktop multi-asset wallet with ShapeShift built in.

Jaxx supports many of the leading cryptocurrency platforms. It’s our goal to offer as much choice as possible in the new, emerging...

Blockfolio offers complete cryptocurrency management, with easy to use tools to keep track of all your cryptocurrency investments. Get...

Borrow and invest without borders. Bitcoin p2p lending ✔ Earn interest with bitcoin lending ✔ Small business loans for ebay...
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Xriba was created to bridge the traditional financial frameworks with that of the Cryptocurrency Market and to bring an increased level of transparency and accountability to all markets. XRA tokens...



The Effect Network introduces an open, decentralized network that provides services in the Artificial Intelligence market. The 3 phases of The Effect Network require no fees, have a low barrier of...


DAO.Casino is protocol: an open ecosystem for gambling games that don't rely on a trusted third party. It is a decentralised governance system built on Ethereum that automatically rewards all...



Sp8de is a protocol for decentralized blockchain based platform with multiple features that are essential for the growing blockchain gambling industry and whose solid implementation is lacking in any...



Ethorse is the first app allowing users to bet on the price of Crypto. It works without requiring to signup, deposit or trust anyone including the development team. It's a decentralized app based on...


Monster Byte

About Monster Byte. Monster Byte Inc. is a technology company which owns a suite of long-standing and profitable Cryptocurrency Gambling websites, all of which have been custom-built with proprietary...


Billionaire Token

Billionaire Token (XBL) is designed and tailored specifically for the gamblers and the smart investors in the crypto world


Wild Crypto

Wild Crypto is a website where you can play games of chance. You can enter lotto draws by purchasing an online ticket to bet on the outcome of the Wild Crypto Lottery, or play Instant Win games on...



Ethbet is a dice gambling platform built on the Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum smart contracts. ... It's a decentralized, peer-to-peer gambling platform. You make a bet on Ethbet, and the platform...


Quanta Utility Token

QNTU (Quanta Network Token Utility) Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU) is issued by the Quanta Foundation as an ERC-20 ethereum based token. The major functions of QNTU are to participate in Quanta...


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